The Blacksmith Fly

tha blacksmith fly

(5 mn string quartet, 1996) Programmatic music based on a true story of a fly. This story happened to someone I knew and inspired me to compose this string quartet whose form follows the story…

This string quartet form is based on the story of a fly that came inside a man’s ear.

Close to the hammer bone… In the music the fly goes from string to string from flying theme to struggle to despair. The flying theme is back to the end because in this story, a doctor took out the fly from the man’s ear.

Seeming dead, the fly took of, alive, a few minut later leaving an ear in a very bad state…

Musical representation of the fly goes from violin to cello…

We are always from the fly point of view.

Musicians :

  • 1st Violin - Evan Price
  • 2nd Violin -
  • Viola - Flavio Gaete
  • Cello - Okkyung Lee

The Blacksmith Fly