Rewilding Ibera, Argentina


52 min documentary episode from TV-series "Restoring the Wilderness" directed by Frédéric Febvre produced by OnePlanet productions (ARTE, 2019)

“The land of shining water”: this is how the Guarani Indians have named Los esteros del Ibera, a vast network of prairies and lagoons that one were populated by jaguars, tapirs and anteaters.

But during the last century, hunting and intensive farming almost decimated its wildlife.

Today, restoring its natural balance is a difficult goal to acheive… because in Argentina, removing wild animals from their habitat is forbidden.

The scientists can only rely on animals bred in captivity…

On parrots raised in cages, incapable of flying… on giant anteaters that have never seen termite mound or jaguars that have never met other big cats…

The tapir population

Biodiversity regains its rights

S’envoler Dans Le Sauvage

Fauves, Les Jeux De L’amour

La préparation