De l’Europe au Caucase: Un destin luxembourgeois au début du siècle des guerres


Musical work for narration and film on the life of a Luxembourg engineer in Russia and Poland (26 mn, 2017)

”The result of the collaboration of a composer and an arranger, this programmatic music with autonomous and evocative themes composed on the piano summons up different episodes of an eventful history unfolding at the beginning of the twentieth century between Europe and the Caucasus. The arrangement for string quartet then magnifies the compositions to strictly follow a dynamic and original narration, all creating a dramatic osmosis of rare and exceptional artistic quality. "

Based on family archives teeming with photographs and other letters, enriched with paintings and maps that better set the scene, this film offers the fluid narration of an individual trajectory that has yet to be broken. First World War which separates a couple, Bolshevik Revolution which forces them to flee, fall then new flight towards Poland, death, finally, of a Luxembourg oil engineer who will have testified to such an eventful beginning of the century.

  • Director, composer and piano : Philippe Leydenbach
  • String quartet arrangement and conducting : Renaud barbier
  • Musicians : Quatuor Kadenza
  • Story and narration adapted from Elisabeth Calmes book distributed in Luxembourg

Jean Nicolas Raus

Un destin

Valse de Polanka

L’appel du destin / Inquiétudes

Moments heureux