Canaïma-World-jazz “Live in Zik Zac Festival”


"Live at Zik Zac Festival" (CD, 1999)

"Live in Zik Zak" is the third and last album from Canaïma-World-Jazz group. In this formation, we find the two creators of the group, Gilles Grivola and Renaud Barbier and two musicians from the origin, Alexandre Jacquemin and Guillaume Pouget. Some other french musicians have completed this formation. Among them, drummer Gildas Etevenard and a second purcussionist, Nasser Soltani.

Gilles Grivola - Saxophones     /     Renaud Barbier - Piano & keyboards
Alex Jacquemin - Guitars     /     Guillaume Pouget - Percussions
Nasser Soltani - Percussions     /    Gildas Etevenard - drums
Arnaud - Bass     /    (feat Pierre Grivolla - Flûte)

Alibaba  (Composition Arnaud... / Arrangement Canaïma-World-Jazz)

Atlas  (Composition / Arrangement Gilles Grivolla & Renaud Barbier)

Hugo  (Composition / Arrangement Alex Jacquemin)

Señor Jous  (Composition / Arrangement Renaud Barbier)

Ouverture Hip to Hit  (Composition / Arrangement Canaïma-World-Jazz)