Canaïma-World-jazz “In Extremis”


"In Extremis" (CD, 1996)

"Is Extremis" is the first album from the group Canaïma-World-Jazz. After Gilles Grivolla and Renaud Barbier decided to start a world-jazz formation with Antonio Sanchez on drums, Carlos Sanoja on fretless bass, Guillaume Pouget on percussion and Renaud Barbier on piano and keyboards. This group has started in Boston (Massachussets, USA) from the meeting of jazz musicians from nigth jazz session at Berklee college of Music. Berklee became sponsor of the group.


Canaïma  (Composition & Arrangement Renaud Barbier)

Afro-Blue  (Composed by M. Santamaria / Arrangement Carlos Sanoja)

Pirripiccio  (Composition & Arrangement Renaud Barbier)

Leïla  (Composition & Arrangement Canaïma-World-Jazz)

Quasimodal  (Composed by Paquito D'Rivira / Arrangement Canaïma-World-Jazz)