Canaïma-World-Jazz “A Human Experience”


"A Human Experience" (CD, 1997)

"A Human Experience" is the second album from Canaïma-World-Jazz group. This second formation started in Boston (Massachussets, USA) in 1997. Guitar player Alex Jacquemin joins Gilles Grivolla and Renaud Barbier. The three friends had met at C.M.C.N., a french music school some years before, finding themselves in this formation. Percussionist Guillaume Pouget is the fourth pillar. This formation opens to the voice of italian singer, Chiara Civello.

Gilles Grivola - Saxophones     /     Renaud Barbier - Piano & keyboards
Chiara civello - voice      /     alex jacquemin - Guitars
Juanjo Orti - drums    /     Guillaume Pouget - Percussions
Ben zwerin - Bass

Hip to hit  (Canaïma-World-Jazz)

Senior Jous  (Traditionnel Vénézuélien / Arrangement Canaïma-World-Jazz)

Passadou  (Composition Alex Jacquemin / Arrangement Canaïma-World-Jazz)

Atlas  (Composition Gilles Grivolla & Renaud Barbier / Arrangement Canaïma-World-jazz)

Canaïma  (Composition & Arrangement Renaud Barbier)