Brassens, the bad reputation

Brassens, la mauvaise réputation

France 2 channel TV-movie starring Stéphane Rideau, Marie-Anne Chazel and Bruno Lochet directed by Gérard Marx produced by Auteurs Associés (Biopic, 2011)

Who is Georges before Brassens? From his youth to his first success (1938-1952), the life of a poet who could have become a thug. 

A playful and cocky young man, It’s through hard work and after years of difficult times, that he’ll become the great artist, known by all french people. 

His taste for the words, the friends, his love for women, his integrity, his faithfullness with his close friends and family…

Writer, poet and musician, the life of a free man.

La mauvaise réputation (Arrangement orchestral Brassens / Warner Chappell Music France)

Le parapluie (Arrangement orchestral Brassens / Warner Chappell Music France)

Brassens et son père

Impasse Florimont

De Sète à Paris

La mauvaise réputation (arrangement orchestral)

Sous le parapluie (arrangement orchestral)

J’ai RDV avec Puppchen (arrangement orchestral)

L’auvergnat célesta (arrangement orchestral)

La canne de Jeanne (arrangement orchestral)

Yvonne est à l’hôpital